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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 14, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," what is a typical morning like for the world's most electrifing tv host? inside lou daabs quest to bring snow kiting to the rest of the world. and what did the president tell joe biden after he dropped his ice cream cone on the floor some . >> he said, joey, it is going to be okay. i remember sitting on the end of the bed. he believed it. >> and finally, is there a civil war brewing between cats and stuffed animals? our panel of experts weighs in on the saddle for feline supremacy. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> i'm gavin mcguinness --
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gavin mcginnis filling in for greg gutfeld. and i am here with bright bart sun news contributor sonny johnson. and her looks could kill so you are probably all dead right now, and she is not even sorry. it is the never sorry joanne nosuchunsky. used to be the uneditter of a swedish publication where they spelled an wrong. i believe it was called the ikea catalog. and michael moynahan. and next to me, a million dollar smile and a multimillion-dollar bank account. it is sexy billionaire, playboy super hero, lou daabs, host of lou bdaabs tonight. he is also the author of a book called "upheaval." i read it and thoroughly enjoyed it. >> a block. the lede.
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that's the first story. >> you can't spell crisis without the egyptian god isis. it is true. iraq has fallen back into chaos at the hands of al-qaeda-linked a-holes with the islamic state of iraq and syria or isis who have taken large swaths of the country and are now threatening baghdad. on friday president obama issued a statement on the situation. i wonder if we will be sending u.s. troops back to come back in iraq? >> we will not be sending u.s. troops back to combat in iraq. >> thanks. have you asked your national security team to prepare a range of other options? >> but i have asked my national security team to prepare a range of other options that could help support iraq security forces. i will be reviewing those options in the days ahead. >> got it. on thursday jay carney was
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still arguing that iraq and december mating al-qaeda -- obama is al-qaeda's top accomplishment. they say groups like isi are different in -- isis is different. >> december mating core -- decimating al-qaeda when al-qaeda is in control of major cities in the heart of iraq? >> within your question you have made the appropriate distinction which is core iraq based in afghanistan and pakistan. they have severely compromised and december mated. -- decimated. >> let's stop pronouncing al-qaeda right. it is irreverent. it is like nicaragua. let's stop saying it so accurately. iraq. when al-qaeda investigated iraq. we are not doing that anymore.
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agreed? lou -- >> gavin. >> i am an isolationist and i don't like getting involved in this primitive country, but we have a $700 million embassy and they are using our humvee to invade. we have planes on the ground. are we obligated to get in there. get in there? >r you may have set a new standard in criteria if you make that kind of physical investment in an embassy then you are bound to defend that country no matter how stupid and foolish it might be. i like that. we have a better set of options, mr. president, than the ones you are leakily to get than the ones who will provide them to you in the days ahead. >> so when you take over in 2016, you will be invading -- you will be getting to iraq and messing with it. >> one of the things i made -- i made perhaps a premature
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judgment. i said back in 2001. i don't see how it has taken us 14 years not to do that. >> let's set them single file. >> that would be great fun and a great sport. i was thinking something more conclusive and more immediate using smart bombs and that sort of thing. >> that's a good plan. mr. moynahan, you noah lot about foreign policy. >> they are not going to solve the iraq crisis. >> why not? >> let's give it a whirl. >> whose fault is this? is it george w. bush for starting this? or is it obama for the surge? who is to blame? >> let's blame all of them.
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>> no bush. none ever h of this. none of this. i don't agree with the argument that if there is no bush there is no iraq and there is no al-qaeda. there was no iraq and there was 9/11. those people were out there. the fact that they are marching along through occupying a number of cities in iraq is obviously something on obama's watch. the reason we haven't killed all of them is there is a lot more being created in the time since 2003. that is one of the corner issues. >> they don't even remember 9/11. >> the kids around here are like, you are 20, do you even remember 9/11? there is an al-qaeda version too that don't remember 9/11. i say we abandon the million dollar embassy. >> just let it go.
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>> and we will sell it to them. >> who are the cute guys with the eye liner? >> those are taliban guys. >> who is the guy who the al-qaeda blew up with the fake camera? >> oh he is a northern alliance leader. >> i like their make up. >> he looked like he was on the "new york times." >> he was a base player. >> speaking of make up, what do you say about this expression that is used down there where they say if it is not sunni it is shiite? >> i say when in rome. >> so you agree with that? you are a pro sunni? >> like our president, i am not going to give a definitive answer. you know what i think he should do? since he gets all of his information from the media and from sources that a are really not very reliable they should poll the audience as to what they should do. you can phone in or text a
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different number. >> i feel like americans would say let's cut our losses and get the hell out of there. what do you think, sonny? should we just quit? >> well, it is not even up to me . this will have to come to a resolution and obama is not going to be the one to resolve it. who ever wins iraq and however the country splits up and however it comes after that, they are going to be the ones that decide it. i think that we need to be taking the time here at home and making sure that when they get all of their ducks in a row and they are ready to come after us again we are ready to punch them in the mouth and put them down permanently. that's where we need to make sure our focus is you taking care of our veterans and making sure our military force is up and fighting and making sure we have the newest weapons and technology so when they are ready and we can show them american muscle and blow it up. one thing obama really does is he says we have to come up
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with a plan to accommodate minority factions in a meaningful way. this is the executive order president talking about how minorities within the government need to be respected. have you ever said of a damn tea party? he is talking about the minority group within the country. so you have what you would call republicans, tea parties, minorities. why don't you come and work with us? why don't you try that here before you put that into somebody -- >> the thing that the left does where they take their college education and enforce it like a cookie cuter on the middle east and on the third world and they assume we are all the same. this stupid we have to help the sunnies get their voice stuff is for college kids. it doesn't apply to a civil war. >> that's why there is a civil war. >> the american military was very good in the surge and in the sunni triangle and they
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pacify a lot of places. if you pacify places and you don't have any political solution specifically with the sunnies -- i mean the weirdest thing. we were on the side of the iranians again. we were on the side of the iraqis. >> in all fairness we told the iranians they were on the side of the shiite. this gets more compounding when we have a president who has the negotiations with the taliban while the shiite leader is working with iran. as you see the way he has this worked out, solutions are simple. he has done it. >> i think we all know what happened. obama was looking in the mirror a few months ago and he noticed how gray he is getting, and he just went i'm getting too old for this [bleep]. he secretly quit in his head. >> that's why he is going to palm springs this weekend. >> this is all, as conan o'brian put it, free falling.
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he is gliding. other stats short on facts, a police group documented 74 shootings at school since new town? newtown? it is a shocking number and wildly misleading. journalist charles c johnson took a closer look and showed their numbers included assaults, homicides, suicides and accidental shootings. they happened inside a school building or on school or campus grounds. the group called every town for gun safety is not alone in trying to convince the public that gun violence is going up. on tuesday after the shooting at an oregon school, president obama made it seem like the u.s. is uniquely troubled by this violence. >> we are only the developed country on earth where this happens. and it happens now once a week. it is a one-day story. there is no place else like this.
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the country has to do soul searching about this. this is becoming the norm. >> obama is my mom. >> she sends me little pictures of dead children. she will dig up some guy who died in world war ii and said he was 17 years old. he died in france. no one knew what he was. mom, you don't even know the real story. this guy has not googled it. >> he had to go home, chicago, dude. it happens every weekend in the town that you call home. not one. you are talking 26 people shot in a weekend and four killed, and you are talking about we are the only developed country in the world who has this problem? you and your little gun grabbers -- >> there has been that many shootings, but they are not going into a school. they are gang bangers. they accidentally uncovered
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the gang violence problem which is surely not what he is going for. >> you know they already kicked the gang bangers out of school. they are not talking about that in the context. they don't want you to look at. they want you to say oh look at the innocent kids. you don't have any fear coming from the kids. if they are making it about the gang members, then you want to go and get a gun because you see them with one. you want to be able to protect yourself. that's why they don't want to bring it up and put those statistics in there. but i'm really -- it perplexes me how in your hometown that you claim that you love and built you into who you are. you are letting people die. it is week after week after week. >> i want to inject gang statistics into this. >> the numbers would go higher if you did that. it was their point. >> six or seven was school shootings. they were turf wars or drug wars and they happened to be someone near a school.
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it was gang-related. we are on the same page with that. >> there was a school and right across from where we lived there was a housing project across from the school. they used to literally shoot at the school and back from the school at the housing project. like literally. where was it then? where was the voices then? there are no voices then. they are dying. >> we have to make a it clear. sonny johnson is a vampire and she is talking about wild west. >> i grew up in richmond, virginia. >> this happened, what, 200 years ago? >> i ain't gonna tell you my age. nice try though. >> in terms of the statistics, the school shootings happening, it seems like a lot because of the media coverage. it is more of the glorification of the shootings than the issue that is really being covered. for example, and i think is it
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keeps happening because we keep showing it on tv. we don't cover teenage suicides, really. the media doesn't do that. what happens is it has been proven that more kids will then commit suicide after seeing it on the front page of the newspaper. >> they don't tell you when somebody jumps in front. >> how is this any different? you keep showing showing this school shooting. a lot of times that ends in suicide. and somehow that seems to be okay. we are doing this to ourselves. >> father's day is approaching. what do we do, lou? >> for father's day? >> i think we declare father's day all day long and maybe ask rahm emanuel to start being -- insist on him being honest about why 300 to 500 kids a year are getting killed by guns in his city as we listen
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to the hectering and lecturing from a president who knows it is untrue. we don't have to get involved in the media impact. because the tone he is setting is one of integrity. >> sounds like you never going -- he never googled it. >> if he did -- >> in his speech once a week a maniac is going into a school with children with an ak47. >> think about this. we can't show anywhere else that this president has demonstrated great concern -- if you want to talk, mr. president, about young people dying with guns, simply turn to your fbi and take a look at the statistics that show they are actually going down in this country. more people have died in his hometown of chicago than a in a mass shooting in the united states for the entire year.
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>> the only time i see it going up is fast and furious when they get involved. >> does more guns equal less crime? >> you will have to ask him about that. he wrote the book. >> there are a couple things about what the president says that are true. one thing is true. it doesn't really happen in any other industrialized country. that is true. >> what doesn't of president happen? >> the level of gun violence is unparalleled. we have to acknowledge that first. >> more than mexico? >> he specified in first world. >> we are talking about -- >> does it have gun restrictions? >> the cougar shoes that look like ballerina slippers and they have the tufts in their hair. >> i think you hit upon something. . >> track suits is what you are
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saying. >> they still rave in their 40s. >> it is a libertarian argument to acknowledge that and point out it is a cultural problem. i always said when i was in sweden if i took a crate of loaded handguns and put them in the center of stockholm there would be a hundred handguns. in america they say we will sell this and make some money. i don't think that no matter how much you legislate this stuff you can't talk about the cultural difference. how does one solve that a? nobody can figure it out. they are right about the declining violence. there are big shootings. i think it should be plastered on the news. >> europeans are too weak to know that the guns are awesome. >> also true. >> they wear acid wash jeans. te
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brand. >> there is a lot of declining violence. >> do you think anybody will ask when did it get this bad and how? why do we seem to always come up so poorly in these comparisons? we are in control of our culture. >> i will get to that. >> coming up, the fall of roam. a special father's day report from the best dad in the world. the g.
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it is father's day on sunday. i have thoughts on fatherhood in a new segment. that's enough. we let you make fun of fatherhood because you can take it on the chin and it appeared to amuse everyone. the dad from "married with children" is selling shoes and he is miserable and that is good for a laugh. fine. wait a minute. he is selling shoes. he is supporting his family. he is putting up with his wife that he doesn't even appear to like very much. you know what is important? dads. sticks around. you can be the laysest and most boring, dirt poor dad in the universe and statistically we are learning those kids are much better off than the super billionaire single mom.
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sorry "new york times," families matter. what started as a ridiculous joke making fun of a father's lack of understanding of pop culture has turned into something more sinister. we trivial liesed the role of a father to the point of worthlessness. i have bad news for you, america. the family is not just an important part of american culture, it is american culture. it is western culture for crying out loud. by virtually every metric imaginable the children of single parents are more likely to be forgotten, abused, uneducated and imprisoned. this is especially true in the black community. fatherlessness hovers at 75%. the dad takes it on the chin and start bitching. our kids need us and wife needs us and our country needs us. and we need them too. happy father's day hombres. we did. it.
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>> the proud moment of being a father and ranting that you are so emotionally invested it is hard to wind down. >> sometimes you forget about your kids. >> i just feel terrible about that. >> my daughter will be imprisoned in like six months because i am so horrible. >> your dad was around your whole life. would you link that to your success? >> i would credit him and my mother. i will not give him one more than the other. when i was 7 years old he brought me in and they killed a dear and removed the head and he was hanging it up. he is like, this is what a gun does. it kills. it is final. you don't come back. there are no apologies and there is no i wish i could do it over. it is final and it is done. that's how i began to learn about gun safety.
12:26 am
a lot of who i am did come from my father, and that is one of the most special things i carry with me now. the reason i am such a good shot today is because of my dad. that's one of the things he gave me i will always carry with me. >> few people talk about that erals thinkew york times" and you have to be locked here and the bullets in a separate container. when you grow up with guns and you see what you do, they can be in a rack by the front door and you say those #r* blowing up deer machines. >> i thought we funked the gun story. >> i can't wait to hear yours? >> they didn't like me very much. my dad smoked lucky strikes. i tried to steal them and they were too harsh. >> this is a father's role. blowing up stuff.
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>> and my dad had type 1 diabetes and he gave me that too. >> appreciate it. he was a good guy. i am more concerned about me not being so good at it now with my my -- i have a 3-year-old. >> that's perfectly natural. we are all feeling inefficient. all you have to do is show up. >> even if i am drinking. >> i am drunk 24 hours a day. it actually makes you better because you will be sitting with your son going why were they picking on slimier? he is eating. he is just trying to eat and putting him in a box. >> i do want to point out that you caused an enormous amount of controversy. the whole nation convulsed when you had a video of you punching a baby or pretending to. >> i would never punch a baby. i strangled my babies. >> you were denounced on
12:28 am
various blogs or very big ones -- >> i was ignoring the whole subject of baby abuse and the things they do on their parents. >> no one discussed that. you were reciprocating. >> i was defending myself. i was trying to stay alive. >> it will cut your eyeball. the actual eye. >> as a father there are sacrifices we are called upon to make. you suggested it was a little easier. >> oh i hit my head on the kitchen cupboard. oh i was hit by a baby. >> and of that you should be proud. >> how important is a dad to the family, to america? >> i think very important. especially a dad that watches fox news, always on the tv
12:29 am
growing up. my dad now as i am watching the shows in the green room he is a perfect combination of bill o'reilly and ambassador bolten. >> that's terrifying. >> they are bombing qatar. >> now that i am the father to two wonderful girls i like to be there for them. >> have you done a great job. >> fathers being trivial liesed is the root of all problems, but i can talk about that all night. >> the family that goes too far with the weekend at bernie's re-enactment. >> tonight's c block is sponsored by the you make a difference machine. it is a verbal pat on the back. press play and you will be reassured of your self-righteousness with the world is better because of you and you can single handedly stop hate. thanks, you make a difference machine. i know you will thank me too.
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>> having a laugh lead to a mayor's wrath. jim artice didn't appreciate a parity twitter account that had him anen enthusiast of drugs and strippers. i am thinking it is a tequilla and stripper night. i am about to do some lines on the roof. who is in?
12:34 am
under a law that makes it illegal to falsely portray a government official the mayor subpoenaed twitter and comcast to trace the account back to a guy named john daniel. the cops raided his house and confiscated iphones and computers, but in the end daniel wasn't arrested. now daniel seen here is suing the mayor and others for violating his first and fourth amendment rights. meanwhile air ties who is threatening a counter suit for deaf defamation gave a reading of the parity account's horrible tweets. >> i am thinking it is a tequilla and stripper night. quote. going to be at a a local bar woof nie g down some wings. quote, 2 [bleep] to get off my chest. if you don't like peoria and you want to sit here and [bleep] then leave. and two, who stole my crack pipe?
12:35 am
>> that guy is amazing. >> that is the worse performance i have ever seen. >> it was thought very convincing. >> you have to get into the character. >> he was traying to seem appalled. >> you can't do both. you can't seem appalled and play a party man. >> i thought he carried the quote thing perfectly. >> we understood it was not his original. >> i am not having a press conference to go do some lines if anyone is interested. i am not willing to use my power to that extent. >> isn't it true that politicians deserve separate rights and anyone who makes fun of them should have their house raided? >> it is really very true that this mayor in particular i think needs this education and i would love to see the same kind of sense of righteous
12:36 am
indig nation on all politicians. anyone who runs for office in america deserves at least one of these days at least a year. it reminds them of who the hell they are which ain't much. >> we heard obama rail against fox and say they heard -- it is against fox news. obama doesn't like how he is discussed. should we stop making fun of politicians? >> no. we need to realize you get the politician you vote for. peoria you need to check your mayor and see who you voted for. this is why we have a problem with wireless warrant taps. it only takes one of you than it is to exude what it gets you. >> are you implying he wears women's underwear? >> i'm pretty sure that was a tweet. i'm sure it was there and pink
12:37 am
ruffles on them. >> i heard he got -- i heard he has the tuck in maneuver conquered. this is so funny. >> seriously, this is the reason we don't want the government collecting all of our information and just having it. it only takes one a-hole to get offended and get his pan tees in a bunch and then use the entire force of government to come after one individual. it is because you don't like that person. >> i totally agree. i used to roll my eyes and they are mad at the face recognition south wear. you are so incompetent i wouldn't be surprised if you kick down the door listening to pink floyd. >> this guy on twitter, he had 50 followers. i don't know why the artist is getting so upset. it makes me wonder why are you
12:38 am
getting so upset? does it hit a little too close to home? i don't even know how he found out about this guy with the 50 followers. unless he sits there and googles himself. >> what is wrong with inviting strangers to do free cocaine and also offering to perform a signature. >> this isn't canada. >> i don't know if it is sac ask you toon or peoria. >> and he should be saluting for it. the weird thing is he didn't get arrested, but his roommate did. we just happened to find seven big bags of weed and the guy gets arrested and goes to jail. ultimately it is because of a very sensitive mayor. >> this is the problem with government power. everything is illegal. if they kick down your door for making a coke joke they are going to find something wrong if not you, your roommate. we are all going to be in jail soon. >> well your point to protect
12:39 am
politicians and elected officials, probably needs to be reconsidered and thrown out as a beginning point. the other part is this libertarian view about there is no role for government. i love the fact that the nsa is trying to keep up with microsoft and google and facebook in spying on us and getting our secret information and our private information. it is frankly not as competent as those technology companies. and yet you will see people clucking everywhere. the nsa has intruded on us. >> we don't have to use google. you don't have to -- i restrict myself as much as possible from doing these searches on these sites for that exact reason. it is not for me being crazy or insane or anything like that. i just understand that it is happening. as an individual american citizen i have a right to say i am not going to put everything about myself into a google search engine.
12:40 am
>> he clearly doesn't use google. >> leo invited the nsa. he says i am happy. there was a guy in virginia right now looking through your stuff just so you know. >> just on one point, a libertarian point, it is the point that elizabeth makes. it is not that there is no role for government at all. >> is it a conjoined -- >> you are native american. >> your volvo is double parked out front full of tote bags. that is an arckism. the libertarian vision is not too much government and power for government. >> they are talking about how dangerous guns are and how we have to get the guns out of
12:41 am
the streets and guns, guns, guns. and when politicians get guns they are breaking down the front doors of the twitter guys who say i am doing lines upstairs. you are the guys who shouldn't have any guns. >> it is more about power than anything. the police force told the mayor i don't think there are any laws to be broken. you need to calm down your own feelings. they continue to push. it is a power issue. it is not the point of you having it. it is you taking it upon yourself to enforce it with federal government power. that is a problem. >> coming up, marijuana. smoke if you've got em. i think it is smoke em if you've got em, but that is a fun caw low we y'allism we can use. obey the laws, people.
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he went through hell and forgot how to spell. beau bergdahl arrived back in the u.s., but we are getting a look at his state of mind while in captivity and it ain't pretty. there are two letters he allegedly sent to his parents in prison in 2012 and 2013 in which he offers insight into why he left his position in afghanistan. the military is still withholding judgment as to whether or not he violated the rules of law. but one thing is for certain, he violated the rules of grammar and spelling. bergdahl wrote the
12:46 am
circumstance from the begaining of my time in afghanistan from top to bottom were bad for troopers especially in my platoon. he added leadership was lacking if not nonexistent. it was bad and looked to be getting worse for the men actully risking their lives from attack. he got better. he cautioned against jumping to conclusions. if this letter makes it to the usa tell those involved in the investigation there are more sides to this -- [inaudible] and tell dc to wait for [inaudible]. what is incredible is when some people are drunk they write drunk. usually you don't slur as you type. >> i have never seen language quite that drunk. and worse i found myself as you read it and because of
12:47 am
your terrific diction i found myself starting to agree with bergdahl. >> why are you giving up on phonetics. s is a great letter. why didn't you jump to c. >> the e before the i and which there. i may have been the only one who thought this while reading or i watch too many movies with weird plots, but i don't know if he wrote these letters. it seems like a translator or someone was being told what to write by someone and was writing it down and doesn't know how to spell those hard words. when you look at the actual papers between the two letters i am surprised that no hand writing analyst has been called yet because very different hand writing and then the other looks like a child wrote it. i don't know what happens when you are in isolation for that long or what mental capacities
12:48 am
go. this seems odd to me. >> moynahan, hit it. >> you might -- you maybe -- >> situation cet. >> i am not cut -- cutting him slack for walking away from the post, but spelling after being in a taliban prison for six years? come on on. maybe his spelling wasn't hot to begin with and then he was hanging out for the -- out with the taliban. >> was he a deserter or a piece of garbage or a waste of time? >> i believe that when you put something out to the universe you get it back. maybe that's what happened. he put it out that he was president happy with his unit and wasn't happy and he got a different unit and it was not as nice as the one he left. >> is what we are hearing
12:49 am
true? i can't decide if it is incompetence or part of a bigger scheme. >> i know the u.s. coast guards say they threw him out for psychological reasons and the army would have had privileged access to the file. the foreign legion would not accept him for unspecified reasons. it would have been a clue to the united states army not to bring mr. bergdahl into their service. i think that's where the issue begins. until we resolve that, i would say the writing is a suggestion that at least some of that was valid. >> i feel we are giving the authorities too much credit. when we start thinking this is part of a scheme, if we can see through the crystal ball we would see a guy going -- is that a booger or ingrown hair? >> when they talk about why they brought him into the service, that jumps everything -- >> and the military love their
12:50 am
brothers, and none of his brothers are running to him. that should tell you what you need to know about bergdahl. coming up, a cop in a bathroom. it is a story, not the start of a bad joke. female announcer: get on board for better sleep.
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it's sleep train's interest free for 3 event. get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, serta icomfort; even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. you'll never find an interest rate lower than sleep train's interest free for 3 event, on now. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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last story. that's the last story.
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>> they made theirmama into a dye raw ma. they turned their mother's funeral into a party this week by staging her body with all of the things she loved in life. myriam ma ma burbank's daughter posed her with her favorite things, busch beer, menthol cigarettes, cross-word puzzles, disco balls and new orleans saints souvenirs. they say she was full of life and wanted the family's last moments with her to be just as lively. you don't drink it in a wine glass. >> that was a chal lis. >> i saw something and it said 35 things white people need to stop doing right now. is it possible that maybe black people should stop having parties with cadavers? >> this is freaking awesome. when i die, i don't want people sitting around saying
12:55 am
oh she was such a nice person. no, i wasn't. i want everyone sitting around drinking alcohol saying you remember when she cussed me out because i asked her for money and i didn't give it back? >> remember the real me. >> that's the real her. if she was here, she would be out on the dance floor like -- >> can i ask -- everything you said makes sense, but do you want your dead body there too while everyone is saying -- >> give me -- if i can still fit into a dress that you know i would love, then put the body there too. celebrate it. >> i think there is a line can be crossed. what if she grew up in a naked home and she loves sitting around drinking her busch naked. wul they put a naked body there? >> you are asking us to believe that those are the only things that mama loved.
12:56 am
i am not convinced. >> japanese people will drink by the cadaver for four days staring at it and the irish do that. >> i want people to cry at mine. there better be big tears. >> you don't realize because you are watching the clip is they also allowed like news cameras to come in and shoot the whole thing. >> what would we do for yours, mike? what would you like? >> it is actually funny. it would be exactly that. >> i love cross-word puzzles and busch beer. >> and you are getting a weave. >> thank you to sonny johnson and michael moynahan. that does it for me. i'm done, bye friends.
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>> hello, everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle, along with bob beckle, dana perino, andrea tantaros, and eric boling. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." the american soldier held in captivity for five years by the taliban is back in the u.s. military officials just held a news conference to discuss the third phase of bowe bergdahl's reintegration. >> he's in stable condition and will work daily with medical and mental health professionals. he look


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